elow is a summary of what we found when me moved in:

1.The entire exterior of our house except the front is painted the wrong color. The front is gray and they painted the rest white.

2.Wrong garage door.

3.Wrong kitchen faucet put on with the lever on the wrong side.

4.Wood floor has dozens of damaged pieces all over the house.

5.Bathroom lights had no glass on any of them.

Missing light bulbs in several lights.

6.Wrong mirror in master bathroom.

7.Missing cabinet in master bathroom.

8.We had no hot water the first night-took cold showers. Apparently, it was never turned on.

9.Continual loud dripping from the water lines in the laundry room. Pointed it out multiple times prior to close. Inspector also questioned it.

10.Wrong bathroom light fixture in upstairs bath.

11.Multiple closets are installed incorrectly.

12.We have no wi-fi as your staff cut the lines twice so AT&;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;T has to do major repair.

My husband is a consultant and works from home. Might be 2 weeks before we have wi-fi/tv. How will you make that right?

13.Multiple kitchen cabinets do not close, are crooked and just do not function correctly.

14.There are stains/marks on several spots on the quartz.

15.The whole interior of the house needs to be repainted and trim work needs repair. It looks absolutely awful.

We have stopped putting blue tape all over because it literally is the entire house. Some of the worst work I have ever seen and this is my fifth new built home. I am not a rookie to this process.

16.Several doors do not stay open or close.

17.The cabinet in the laundry room has a big crack in the trim on the top.

18. Deco on the kitchen cabinets is not done.

19.Missing stair cap.

On 8/28, less than 48 hours after we closed, I was in the spare bedroom making the bed and noticed the carpet was damp, so I started feeling around more and when I got to the closet it was soaking wet.

I mean SOAKING wet. We had run the washing machine the night before for the first time so assumed that was where the problem started as this bedroom is right behind the laundry room. We immediately turned the water off and called our PM. Never answered.

Sent a message to him and Matt. All Matt said was to call the emergency line. We had no idea what that even wa,andd he just told us to look in our packet. We have been in the house 48 hours, who knows where that is?

We finally found it and called every plumber on the list but nobody answere Finally heard back, and a plumber was sent.

So now, we have a large hole cut in the that closet, two super loud commercial fans trying to dry it out and ripped up carpet.



User's recommendation: RUN.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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