We put a deposit on a home in a Toll community in Las Vegas. The total deposit was $65,000.

We made many changes to the design of the home, but it was in the framing stage when we withdrew due to me losing my job. Even though Toll has the right contractually to keep all the money, they are a very heartless, greedy corporation. We had every intention of purchasing the home, and had there been any hint that my job would have been in jeopardy, we would have never moved forward with the purchase. We could understand Toll keeping 1/2 the deposit in all fairness because we wasted their time, even though we could not have known about my job issues.

I share this as a cautionary tale for all of you would be buyers out there.

In my opinion, Toll could care less about you, based on our dealings with them. You better be certain if you buy from Toll Brothers, as you are screwed if you back out for any reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toll Brothers Home Buying.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $65000.

Preferred solution: Toll to keep half of the deposit..

Toll Brothers Cons: Kept all of my deposit after i lost my job.

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Same thing happened to us. They kept 65k.

We had to bail because our big home was not selling. Poor decision on our part but they sold the house right away. We were told they would give a discount on another home when the time came. Well we looked at building a home last year and they said no discount.

We wrote to mr toll nothing.

They just told us they would help recoup some of the costs. Maybe some of the sales people have a conscious

Patricia L

I am going thru the same issue, TBI denied my loan and now Toll Brothers is trying to keep my down payment of 49,000.

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