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I bought new construction from Toll Brothers after looking at 7 of their models, all of which were perfect. I paid $600,000 for my house, only to end up with a house that is so flawed that the tax court of NJ has assessed it at $25,000 FOR SALVAGE.

Toll Brothers has acted with what I consider to be a complete lack of integrity, and refused to fix anything, even problems that they themselves have acknowledged in writing -- and from all indications, they are doing this to homebuyers all over this country, they have even refused to return $123,000,000 in deposits received from would-be buyers who couldn't complete the purchase because they couldn't get a mortgage. I have documented all of this on my website, www.mytollexperience.com - please take a long, hard look at it before buying a house from these people.

Location: Independence, Kentucky

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Update: Toll Brothers lawyers have filed a motion in an attempt to get my appeal thrown out. These people will do everything in their power to avoid being held accountable for problems in the houses they build, despite Robert Toll's claims to the contrary.

Meanwhile, I now have one 8' crack and another 3' crack running up the wall in the study. There are also a few new electrical problems, investigation into which has revealed multiple major code violations.

No wonder so many of my neighbors have had electrical fires in their Toll Brothers houses. :(

@Kyleen Ubs

Sorry about all of your problems, by if there were major code violations with the electrical, why was the C.O. issued by the town?

Shouldn't the town have inspected the home as it was being built (electrical, structural, insulation, etc)?

And, should not a good home inspector have caught at least some of the issues you have had with your home? I'm not sure about laws in New Jersey, but if there are major issues with the inspection in Connecticut, you can back out of the deal and get your money back.

@Kyleen Ubs

I had a similar problem with the purchase of a new Ryan home. I had consulted a lawyer who told me that it would be too costly to take on Ryan as their lawyers would use every tactic to delay and ring up the charges as lawyers charge by the hour.

Ryan knows this. Perhaps if I was a lawyer would be a different story. The lawyer said that it would be cheaper to fix the breakdowns or taking a loss selling the home than in taking Ryan to court.

I choose the later. The best therapy and satisfaction that I get now is to let as many prospective buyers know what a terrible home Ryan builds.

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