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My husband and I are thinking about building a house with Toll Brothers in Aurora, CO. Their models are very nice, but expensive. If we do decide to build with them the whole thing will cost about 1.2M

With that being said since it is a lot of money we have searched online for reviews and all we've been able to find is negative reviews so far, but mostly in states other than Colorado. We have been to their sales location to see the model that we like and the lots and have not signed or paid anything yet. we did sit down with Caroline, their sales person in Aurora, CO but did not sign anything. So when we decided we were ready to close the deal, we brought in our realtor and they are telling us that we can't use a realtor to represent us because when we showed up the first time we didn't have the realtor with us. What???

I think this is ridiculous and I am very disappointed because I really like their houses. We have never built a new house (we have owned 2 houses) but we are new to the building a new home thing and we wanted to bring in our realtor so that she can advice us and provide her expertise. Also we figured that if we are going to be spending that kind of money we should have all the right to get the expertise and advise from someone experienced that its going to be working for us.

In the end I am very worried about their terrible reviews. I found a review from a home owner in Colorado who built a new house with Toll Brothers in 2015 and she mentions that she had a horrible experience and that ALL of her neighbors told her the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Toll Brothers Home Buying.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I would say trust your realtor and your gut instinct. We have been in that sales office a couple of times, looking to maybe purchase/build with them, but after all consideration they seem way too far overpriced for the area and I too am worried about bad reviews. I do love their model homes, and when I asked their sales rep how much it would truly be to build a home just like the model she said $1.7M and I laughed and said no way would I pay that for a home in Aurora.


Fort Collins, CO buyer here - it’s been two years and they still haven’t completed our warranty work. We’re convinced that they “hope we’ll give up” and do it ourselves, which we have in many cases (hard to be in a “home” with patches of walls and doors needing paint after living here for years.

We also heard of the issues in Parker, CO, but were told they were resolved only to experience similar problems.

Have yet to find a satisfied buyer in our neighborhood and feel like I know many of the families. Find a different builder!


We built with Toll Bros. in Fort Collins, CO.

Worst home building experience ever. We were warned of roofing issues in Parker, CO and lo-and-behold, same issues! The work is poor, the make excuses as to why things are covered by warranty, etc. Oh, and be aware - your high-end luxury home comes with plastic toilet paper holders, towel holders and their upgrades are listed as “mid-grade” at Home Depot!

You could talk to any of the home owners in our cul de sac and I promise you won’t find a happy home owner. DON’T BUY FROM TOLL BROS.!!!


Dont do it!! You never get any answers and they start with options and then start to delete options available!! They are horrible


Hello,We bought a house in AZ last year and have had nothing but problems throughout the sale process, construction process, and warranty process. They are all about money and taking shortcuts.

What’s most shocking is I’ve spoken to 20 people in the neighborhood and they all feels this way. We all would never buy another Toll Brothers house again.

Harry C



I bought a Toll Brothers House in Flemington, NJ recently. In short- “DO NOT BUY” from Toll. If you want to know further specifics then I’ll be happy to give you additional details.

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