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When buying from toll brothers I thought I was getting a good quality home and a well designed neighborhood to live in. I was hoping to be able to stay here for a long period of time.

The homes here cost a good bit but there were other builders in the area that look like they did a better job of planning the neighborhood. I am writing this to say that with all the hype of toll brothers it's not worth the money. My home has imperfections that I don't see in other builders homes. My one year warranty they tried to come in about without fixing much of anything.

They just put up no parking signs all over the neighborhood where there is no parking for my visitors. The over flow parking that was supposed to be for visitors and now they are trying to tow cars if left there over night. This has become a disaster.

I was lied too and conned that this was going to be the best neighborhood but now all that was done was to get you in the home and leave high and dry. Thanks toll brother (small t and b) for having me invest in your lies.

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Thanks for your rant against Toll Brother. You have given me another perspective of their hype.

However, if you could provide us with the project name, city, and state, that will give us a better idea. At the end, Toll Brothers outsource their construction to local contractors so it really depends on those contractors quality.


I can understand not wanting to post your name but the name of the development would be most helpful for those of us considering a Toll Brothers home.

They are, undoubtedly, the largest home builder in America and build thousands of homes each year. I’ve read some very scathing reports from homeowners and wondering what, if anything, can be done by prospective homeowners to insure better quality and workmanship during the building process. I’ve considered hiring a professional home inspector to perform pre-drywall, post-drywall inspections, etc.

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