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I currently live in large Toll Brothers house which was built for me 22 years ago in Newtown Square, Pa. Quality back then was fair but I'm a contractor and I was on them constantly then.

As far as things being level you can forget that. Framers didn't use levels at all. They forgot to install the anchors in the foundation when it was poured Of course the framers didn't tell anyone. I picked it up but after all 1st floor plywood was in place and framing was completed.

They had to go around house and drill hole through first floor sub floor into foundation and epoxy anchors to hold house down. I was told by foreman on job the house weighed so much it would never blow away. Of course I said I would never buy another Toll house. It was time to down size so I thought.

I went to The Enclave at Ellis Preserve to look at this carriage house community. Prices Start at 568,000 for a small house I thought this was not so bad. The lot premiums are totally ridiculous just another huge money maker that is just basically random. Sales person told us that people were walking away because of that alone.

The house we looked at had a 35,000 premium which included 10,000 sliding vinyl door for that price. They were having incentive through 1/21/2019 for free fireplace insert a 10,000 option and 1 cabinet level upgrade about 5000 upgrade. We ended up putting in a few options. Being that I,m a contractor which I kept telling the sales person it was cheaper to rip out counters and flooring than upgrade.

She kept telling me you have to upgrade this and that. We went in without a realtor which Toll would have to pay approximately 2.5 % of selling price. They lowed the lot premium buy 5000 for everyone on new price sheet. We told the sales person if they took off the 10,000 for vinyl slider we would buy the house.

She told me she had to go to a Vice President and he would only go 5000 and he would take it off the lot premium which I didn't care where it came from. I said what about the other 5000 he said no. I said your going to lose the house sale over 5000. Sales person said I'll try.

She comes back and tells me if you have buy 20,000 of additional upgrade not counting the ones we had already purchased and they would give us 20% off which would have amounted to 4,000. I proceeded to tell her no deal I would be in to pick up my good faith check. Am I glad I did Toll uses Hardie siding at housing development Liseter across the street and vinyl siding on all these houses. The windows in these houses are a company call Silverline which is a vinyl window made by Andersen Windows.

Probably one of the worst windows, it not even close to Andersen 400 series Toll uses in most of its houses. Toll marks up there upgrades roughly 500%. That is why they offered me 20% off of upgrades. This development end up looking like HUD low income housing.

I'm glad my wife and I came to our senses. Think hard before you buy Toll and those upgrades.

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Thank you soooo much for your very informed review! Very educational , and Totally believable!

I always heard Toll Brothers construction was pretty bad, and construction people who look at it really see all the problems! I want to buy at Liseter, but boy your review (and others) really has put me off!

It’s incredible the way folks are getting ripped off, especially in the million dollar price range!! Seriously

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