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With Toll Brother's all you get is four walls and a roof in the base price. In other words the standard features in the house are no where near luxury.

They will sell you those features as an upgrade. For example, kitchen back splash is not standard feature of the home, TB will charge you up to $5000.00 or more. The same back splash will cost you about $1000.00 if you get it done from an outside contractor. So it's a real rip off.

It is also worth mentioning that any upgrades you purchase is "in lieu of standard" but you won't know how much credit you will receive for standard. This is one way to rip you off on the upgrades.

Your deposit money is also non-refundable so they will use that as a leverage to charge you more for upgrades. I am very disappointed in dealing with them and I would strongly recommend not to waste your hard earned money with this builder.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ryan builders did the same thing. Oh you want a toilet in that bathroom.

That's an upgrade. By the time they get done with you, you have an overheated calculator an an overpriced home that's built as a new handyman special.

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